Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolutions

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is back on the screens with it's second season been launched Tuesday 12th. 

Last season Jamie went up against Huntington, West Virginia, USA's most unhealthiest town. If Jamie thought that was difficult then he better think again. This season Jamie is turning his attention to Los Angeles. Beneath the glitz and the glamour LA holds a very unhealthy eating culture which is where Jamie comes into the picture.

Right from the very first episode Jamie gets hit with resistance from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), denying him access to the schools. Jamie was quick to open up a kitchen where he asked for parents and students to bring their lunches to him since he was not allowed access to the schools.

We see Jamie attend school board meetings and try to meet with the Head of Food Services and the Director of Communications but continues to be brushed off. At this stage it does not look like Jamie will be allowed in anytime in the near future.

Jamie also has his sights set on the LA fast food district. Again met with resistance by the big players in the industry so Jamie turns his attention to a chain of burgers called Petra's Burgers. The owner was again resistance to make any changes to the menu saying it would cut into his profits and he just does not seem to care about serving healthier food to the public.

An outrageous demonstration by Jamie shows him filling an entire school bus with sugar which would be equivalent to a weeks worth of flavored milk consumed at LA schools, 57 Ton Gross.

What are your opinions on what Jamie is trying to do? Do you think he is in over his head with LA?

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