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Monday, April 11, 2011

Long Island Serial Killer

(Reuters) What appears to be human remains were found in two separate locations in Long Island, near a Nassau County Beach, on Monday night. Police are still combing the are for more human remains.

The human remains have been sent to the medical examiners so that they can be verified and rule out the possibility of the remains been for an animal. "We found what appears to be possible human remains" said Nassau County Police Officer Maureen Roach.

The remains were found roughly 100ft into the brush, just outside the entrance to the Town of Oyster Bay Beach. The remains of what is thought to be the work of a Long Island Serial Killer were found in two separate locations and it is still unclear if they are from the same victim or multiple persons.

The gruesome discoveries were made whilst police are investigating a serial killer, the Long Island Serial Killer, who they believe is praying on prostitues found on the popular website craig's list. Since 2010 December there have been 8 bodies found in the surrounding areas with a possibility of more to come. The search for the Long Island Serial Killer still continues today.

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